Mondays, 7.15pm - 10.30 pm

New Marston Pastoral Centre 

Jack Straws Lane,  Oxford OX3 0DL 

These are slightly smaller, but just as friendly, classes for Beginner and Intermediate levels.  The Fundamentals Course, for complete beginners and those who wish to refresh their basics,  consists of two six-week modules and guides you through the basic elements so you can start dancing from your very first class.  As the course is progressive, we suggest that complete beginners start no later than Week 2.   For Course Dates, click on the button above. 

During the evening, there's also time to practise what you've learnt to some irresistible Swing music.   The quickest way to improve your dancing is to get up and have a go so don't miss this - we guarantee you'll be dancing on your first evening!

To complement our Balboa Classes, don't miss our Sunday afternoon social dance, LAST STOP BALBOA, held once a month at The Jericho Tavern, as well as occasional workshops in SLOW BALBOA, a delightfully lyrical dance based on the same 8-count rhythm as Lindy. 

DOORS OPEN      7.15pm     

Just enough time to say hi to everyone, change your shoes and have a quick warm up dance before class starts.


All levels     7.30pm - 8.30pm

This class covers the basic moves of Pure Bal and Bal Swing, focusing on good technique and connection skills so that you can step out onto the dance floor with the minimum of moves and feel at one with the music.   This class is for complete beginners and above. 

PRACTICE SESSION              

All levels    8.30pm - 9pm

In this session there's a chance to practise what you've learnt in a more realistic social environment - or have a cuppa and a chat!

VARIATIONS CLASS                 

Intermediate & above    9pm - 10pm 

This is the time of the evening when we introduce some of the more complicated moves and footwork variations as well as more advanced techniques.  You should have completed the Fundamentals Course at least once and be familiar with all the Basic moves to join this class.  If in doubt, ask us!


All levels     10pm - 10.30pm

Another opportunity to practise what you've learnt - or there's always more tea and biscuits...